WWII Medal of Honor Recipients

US Army Soldiers on hill with American flag.

“Above and beyond the call of duty” is a saying that describes many of our American heroes serving or who have served in the U.S. Military. When a situation surpasses all expectations, when lives are at risk, these few men stood up and said, “Enough.” Join us as we remember the heroes who earned a WWII Medal of Honor.

The Congressional Medal of Honor — Our Highest Award for Valor in the Field

The Congressional Medal of Honor (MOH) is more than a simple award for valor in the line of duty. It exemplifies the best of humanity; the selflessness, unwavering devotion, and risk of life that goes hand-in-hand with serving one’s country. Since its inception in 1861, only 3,507 recipients have warranted the prestigious award for their duties in service to their countrymen. Every recipient embodies the dedication and bravery we as Americans take for granted every day. Their sacrifice helps ensure our great country thrives in the face of adversity. We must remember those who gave it all to protect those of us back home.

Rufus Herring

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Lawrence Pepin Rigg

When I was young, my church (Richland Hills Church of Christ) and Christian private school (Fort Worth Christian) taught that homosexuality was an abomination to

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United States Marine Corps

Black Marines

Many people feel these times are abnormal, but racism has been part of the fabric of humanity since recorded history. Often, racism was between tribes,

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