Japan's Holocaust: History of Imperial Japan's Mass Murder and Rape During World War II
by Bryan Mark Rigg

Japan's Holcaust

Japan’s Holocaust is a comprehensive exploration of Japan’s mass murder and sexual crimes during the Pacific and Asian Wars from 1927 to 1945.

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Dr. Rigg’s latest non-fiction military history book Flamethrower documents Hershel “Woody” Williams’ Medal of Honor process, Dr. Rigg’s research brings into question the facts surrounding “Woody” Williams’ actions that earned him the Medal of Honor. Read the full Synopsis to learn more about this groundbreaking and controversial work.

Conquering Learning Disabilities at Any Age

Conquering Learning Disabilities at Any Age is a blueprint for creating a life that works with our neurological differences, and not against them.

Lives of Hitler's Jewish Soldiers

Lives of Hitler's Jewish Soldiers deepens our understanding of the complex intersection of Nazi race laws and German military service both before and during World War II.

Hitler's Jewish Soldiers

Rigg's study breaks truly new ground in a crowded field and shows from yet another angle the extremely flawed, dishonest, demeaning, and tragic essence of Hitler's rule.

The Rabbi Saved by Hitler's Soldiers

When word of Rebbe Joseph Schneersohn' plight went out, who was the leader of the ultra-orthodox Lubavitcher Jews, a group of American Jews initiated what would ultimately become one of the most miraculous rescues of WWII.

Rescued from the Reich

Rigg reconstructs the Rebbe’s improbable escape, and tells a harrowing story about identity and moral responsibility. His book is the definitive account of an extraordinary episode in the history of World War II.

Why German Studies?

Why World War II?

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